Respawn Ventures

We're looking for products that have the potential to re-enter play after being killed.

Painless exits for bootstrapped founders

Respawn Ventures buys, grows, and sells niche tech companies. Our focus lies within B2B SaaS but if we see a project with an opportunity for global reach, we'll seriously consider giving it a second life.


Montage is a rapid web-based wireframing tool with a user-generated component library.


Promomatic generates custom iOS & Android app store assets. No design skills required.


Real-time image resizing and manipulation, delivered via a fast CDN.

The Team

After seeing so many indie founders building great products but failing when it comes to scalable growth, we wanted to create a place where we could take ownership, refine the product and distribute to the right audience.

Chris Moore

Lauri Jutila


We want to see early signs that your product can be respawned (sign-ups or a few sales). Our sweet-spot is when you've built the underlying tech but it's not yet ready for scale

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